Earn up to $1200 with the iSphere Referral Bonus Program*

Help your friends land a top IT consulting position plus a starting bonus while also earning rewards for yourself through iSphere’s referral bonus program

iSphere recognizes that we work with the best consultants and we know that you surround yourself with the top talent.

Not only will we give your friends a $100 bonus if we can help find them a new job opportunity but for each friend you refer that gets started on a client assignment with us you will also receive:

  • $500 for the first referral
  • $750 for the second referral
  • $1200 for each additional referral

Our Consultant Care Representative, Brian Martin will also personally manage the process and get your friends connected with one of iSphere’s recruiters.

Please keep in mind that it’s not necessary to refer only “active” job seekers. Our free service includes consulting with professionals even though they may not be currently searching for a new position. When the appropriate time comes for a new career opportunity, we will be prepared to assist them.  You and they will receive your referral rewards.

For any additional questions about the program you may reach out to Brian Martin directly at 800-210-3215 extension 22

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*  For Qualified Positions

How it Works and Terms & Conditions

  1. All bonuses will be paid after the referred consultant has started and worked on a client assignment for at least 90 calendar days.
  2. To be considered as a referred candidate, iSphere must not have had prior communication with the candidate within the past 45 days as evidenced by the internal iSphere applicant tracking system.
  3. To be considered a referred candidate, the person referring the candidate MUST refer them first, directly and only to iSphere (referring a candidate to our client(s), your manager, or our competitors is not referring a candidate directly to iSphere)  
  4. All bonuses are paid out after the referred consultant has worked for 90 calendar days.
  5. Candidates “referred” to iSphere are considered to be “referred” to us for 180 days, after that time if they have not been placed and iSphere continues to work with the consultant and place them they will not be considered a referred candidate and no bonus will be given.
  6. Referral bonus amounts reset after one calendar year, e.g. if your first successful referral occurs on 1/1/2016, all additional referrals for that calendar year will count toward the increased referral bonus. Referrals after 12/31/2016 will reset to the base referral amount (currently $500)
  7. At its sole discretion iSphere will determine if a candidate qualifies as “referred”.
  8. Corp to Corp consultants are eligible only if their referred candidate is not employed by same company.
  9. iSphere may discontinue this referral program and/or any bonus program at any time.


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