We appreciate your assisting us to get to know you better. There are some questions where we feel a more lengthy explanation is needed including:

RE: Do you have any other interviews or pending offers & please list any businesses with which you have recently interviewed or are scheduled to interview

Why we need to know this info:

We want to understand where you are in your job search process so that we can share that information with our clients.  It enables us to better set time-frame expectations and needs for all parties. For instance; if we know that you are a great fit for a position we are actively recruiting for with a client – but we know that client is not planning on making  a final decision for a week or more – us passing along the information that you are anticipating an offer within the next 3 business days from one of the companies key competitors that will frequently either help accelerate the interview and decision-making process for you OR the client may advise us that they will not be able to accelerate things and we can advise you not to hold out for a competitive offer and accept the other position when offered.

RE: Please list any businesses to which you have recently submitted a resume or businesses to which an agency or a third party has submitted your resume on your behalf.

Why we need to know this info:

There are multiple reasons this information can be important.

Although you may be applying for a specific position through or with iSphere, we frequently have multiple positions for which you may be qualified and it will help us to present the right opportunities to you if we know if you are already pursuing a position at a specific client. Also, as iSphere has worked with a large number of clients in the geographic area, our recruiters and client development staff frequently can provide you background or information on those clients, even if we aren’t currently representing you there.  This may be of assistance in your job search or decision making process when evaluating offers.

Also, if our staff recognizes based on your skills, background, or interests that you may be a good fit for any other clients we know of, our client representative will actively market you (without giving any specifically identify information without your express permission) to them even if they are not currently looking. Obviously, we do not want to pursue any clients on your behalf that you have already made contact with or are actively interviewing with in order to avoid duplication of efforts or creating confusion.

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