iSphere is proud of the fact that we’ve earned our clients respect and trust. Our successful and lasting partnerships with clients define our business. Here are some comments from a sampling of our clients.

You’re in really good hands with iSphere. It’s a company that will bend over backwards to make sure you’re satisfied as a client. They pull out all the stops to make sure their customers find success. They constantly go above and beyond. I can count on them and I know they can deliver. They are creative problem solvers, which is nice. They definitely come to the table with a lot of ideas regardless of constraints. They invest in learning a lot about a project right up front.” – Silver McDonald, Chief Commercial Officer, BrightBytes

iSphere exceeded our expectations throughout the audit and recruiting processes. Because IT was not my area of expertise, I needed a partner we could trust and who would guide us in the best decision for the company and not feed me lies just to get business. They were prompt, professional and recognized the value of my time as they presented candidates. I never felt taken advantage of but rather that they were our partner. iSphere pulled through for us. They are truly looking out for our best interest – for the betterment of the company. iSphere would do anything for us. You truly feel that.” – Carlotta Lansford, CFO, BMI

iSphere makes certain our needs are met. They stay on task, they don’t overwhelm me with resumes, and they do a good job of discovering the best qualified candidates based on the requirements and skill sets you’re looking for.” – Sue Rohr, Director, Implementation, iKnowMed a Service of U.S. Oncology

“With iSphere consultants attentive customer service and robust, reliable system, Keller ISD can more easily and efficiently manage the complexities of pay situations and job codes that a growing district must maintain while minimizing the staff dedicated to running the district. Additionally, the touch screen biometric terminal can become the launch platform for future employee self-service applications.” – Kent Morrison, Chief Financial Officer, Keller

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